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The obvious saleman

I get about 5-10 emails a day with “partnership” offers.

Small salesmanship tip to potential suppliers: if you’d like to offer your services, just write an email saying: “Hey Benny, we’d like to offer our services. You should use our stuff because _______; we are better than others because _______ .
Getting emails such as “we’d like to develop a partnership / mutual relationship / alliance” is just annoying. You don’t want to be my partner, you want to sell me something, which is cool by me. Really. If its good, I’d like to know about it.
You have a good service/product? great. What is it, why is it better, and how much does it cost. That’s it.

I was in high tech sales for many years and I found it extremely effective to be honest about my product, its benefits, and its price, rather than a slimy “offer of partnership” that just insults the reader’s intelligence.

Added bonus – everyone writes emails saying they’d like to be “a partner”. If you just say you want to offer a great service, you’d gain some originality points too.