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a great social media map

If you love twitter like I do, twit-on.  If you’re a facebook fan, fantastic.  But if you are only on these or other social platforms for “commercial” reasons, then unfortunately you have to put in some structure (and maybe take out some fun – poor you) into your decision of which social media to use.  Look at the amount of tools available in the map below (courtesy of and choose wisely.

As for the content – if you want to both be successful & have fun, keep it real. Nothing beats the pure fun of true love, so keep it real, keep it fun, and people will love you. (in other words, no one likes to get ads over twitter… ) Continue reading

hate group gets knocked out next to twitter offices

knockout I learned of this fantastic story via Twitter, and thats the only thing this post has to do with sales & marketing. But its just too good to not write about it. A psychotic hate group decided to assemble right outside twitter offices, and express their view of what God thinks about different people.  As some more normal people assembled to watch the hate-freaks, this quickly turned into a hilarious picket contest.  Read the full story here, on, its a must!

final score: humanity 1 – hatefreaks 0