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How Bad Do You Want It

Impossible Is Nothing

Here’s to the crazy ones

The Learning Curve

Very few have succeeded out of the gate. The best of the best have failed miserably many times. But they got up and did it again. And again. And again. And awesome things happened.

Two tips for hiring your first salesperson

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Working at a Startup is great. Its probably one of the most exciting jobs anyone could have, you get to create something from nothing – literally taking a napkin with some doodles on it and turning it into a dream that is about to come true with millions of enthusiastic customers. Unfortunately, somewhere between the napkin-doodle and your 1,000,000th customer, someone actually needs to say “yes, I would like to buy a few copies of that fine piece of software”, and for that  to happen you need  to hire your first salesperson… Bummer. Continue reading

Startups can beat the software giants (a recap)

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my first ever post, about a month ago, “how can small software startups beat the SW giants?” and lots of comments in mail, twitter, etc.  So – here is a collection of posts that include tips that are very relevant to software startups. Keep in mind one thing as you read these – you can dare to be different, the big companies cant…  Think about it as you go through the links below Continue reading

Why many free trial offers fail

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For many SaaS vendors  offering prospects a free trial seems to be the prescribed route of getting the customer on board.  Many marketing & sales executives dictate to their team that this is the key goal they should push for with all their prospects in order to convert them into paying customers. What many vendors don’t realize is that this process in many cases is flawed and if not properly managed, could be costing them the loss of the most qualified customers. Continue reading