a great social media map

If you love twitter like I do, twit-on.  If you’re a facebook fan, fantastic.  But if you are only on these or other social platforms for “commercial” reasons, then unfortunately you have to put in some structure (and maybe take out some fun – poor you) into your decision of which social media to use.  Look at the amount of tools available in the map below (courtesy of theconversationprism.com) and choose wisely.

As for the content – if you want to both be successful & have fun, keep it real. Nothing beats the pure fun of true love, so keep it real, keep it fun, and people will love you. (in other words, no one likes to get ads over twitter… )

you can find the conversation prism interactive map here

    • Adi
    • February 4th, 2010

    Thanks for the prism!
    This is great info.

    Q: In how many social platforms do you recommend to focus on?

    • BennyShaviv
    • February 4th, 2010

    choosing the platform/tool should probably be done last. First you have to decide what it is that you want to achieve. If you love a social platform and are using it because you wants to and because you enjoy it – that is really the best.
    However – many companies want to leverage the social revolution, and if you do – you first have to define your goals (example – new lead generation/buzz for a new brand, customer loyalty/company image for a more mature brand). After that – find out where your potential audience is, and go there. Then decide what you want to do and how much resources it will require to get realistic achievements. Don’t expect for a twit a week to do anything for you, it takes more both in terms of quantity and quality. Think of something useful, clever, interesting and of value to your audience and then do it.
    Which exact tool is right for you, this is an answer you’ll come at after going through the steps above. One important tip – provide value and be interesting. Don’t be another “look at my product, its great” Twiterrer. Provide value by providing a free service / free knowledge / interesting reading / interesting contest / wacky web wibblets whatever.. just make it cool & fun. Cool is good, corporate sucks.. (Apple is cool, IBM is corporate).

    hope that helps.

  1. Great prism! Thank you for that link.

    Are there any more market-specific prisms like that, showing more specific tools or communities that are geared towards a specific market? I am interested for example in the Arts, and how to market artwork online. There are lots of communities out there, and the usage of the generic tools are great, but many people are drowning in the amount of tools and options out there, which make it more confusing than anything….

    • BennyShaviv
    • February 8th, 2010

    Yes, the amount of tools is huge. thats why its best to figure out where your audience already is, and use those tools. The best part – its fun 🙂 just be a user of different tools for a month and see which ones you like best, and that also serve your purpose.
    I haven’t investigated the online artwork market so I cant point out which tools to choose, but start with finding the audience. One place to start would be ebay – see who is big there, and then see where else they hang around online…

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